To be a great leader requires that you have a wide range of qualities. Qualities within yourself and qualities in the way you deal with others. Here is part 2 of my definite list of 20 characteristics of great leaders. Whether you are a business leader, a political leader, a family leader, a community leader, it doesn’t matter. They apply to all leaders.

  1. Stay calm and confident at all times.
  2. You have a positive attitude and the ability to keep your team motivated and feel part of the solution.
  3. You are a creative thinker, especially when faced with tough decisions.
  4. Know how to trust yourself and work with your intuition when necessary.
  5. You are inspirational to others.
  6. You live a healthy, productive and active lifestyle.
  7. You are compassionate and empathetic, when necessary.
  8. You are confident not arrogant.
  9. You do not make decisions based on assumptions.
  10. You do not manipulate people to get what you want.

What does this have to do with presentation skills you wonder? When you possess these characteristics, you are very well grounded. You will have an excellent presence. And we all now how important this is when you give a presentation. In fact, maybe these leadership characteristics apply as well to people who have great presentation skills.

Here’s part 1 of the series of blog posts  on successful leadership characteristics.

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