A little bit about me

I design meaningful and creative presentations, with over 15 years experience and consider myself fortunate to work with all kinds of people from many sectors of industry. I have a diverse skill set which enables me to be holistic in my approach to each project. I also have the ability to work with my clients to craft their content, ensuring focused and concise messaging. I love designing presentations that engage audiences from beginning to end. Having the right presentation can be a very powerful tool, so if you can leave an impact and impress your audience with a strong and clear message, then you have achieved your objective. By creating meaningful and visually stimulating designs you will transform the way you connect with your audience. Working together we will craft your content and focus on concise messaging, to ensure your story is told with passion and commitment.

I am a creative thinker by nature, alert to changes in both internal and external business environments. I am quick to act and seize opportunities, I have the ability to take an idea and transform it into a plan of action fast. I am alert to shifts in attitudes, new ways of working and technologies and how these alter customer needs, industry trends, or competitor actions.

Always searching for solutions to better ways of working. I relish being with talented, aspirational and forward thinking people, especially those who create, influence and manage change. I know great things happen when the right people come together. I believe creativity, innovation and being passionate about what you believe in gives meaning to life.

A few words about training solutions

Having presentation templates set-up properly and in line with company brand guidelines is becoming more mainstream and rightfully so. The issue however, when launching new templates to your business, regardless of the size, is that if they are not rolled out properly with sufficient help and support, inevitably, the templates will not be used properly, which is counterproductive and a waste of investment.

Being involved in the whole process it’s really rewarding for me and I enjoy it so much. Work with teams, firstly, ensuring that their templates are looking stunning and set-up properly so they are user-friendly. Then to prepare and delivering bespoke training. It’s a complete process and invaluable, in my opinion.