“Once your mind becomes still, your intelligence transcends human limitations”


Why are Retreat Style Holidays So Good For You? Because you have an opportunity to experience something more meaningful…

In life we are all managers, in some way, shape or form. Our job titles do not have to say ‘Manager’ to know it’s true. We can all relate to this but if I ask you; how well are you managing yourself…can you reply with confidence that you are doing a really great job?

Retreats are a booming trend and it’s no surprise they’re so popular because we see the value in investing in ourselves. Mostly, our lives are busy, they can be stressful and hectic. We all want to drop out from time to time and we know it makes sense to recharge the batteries but
not just the body, the mind needs a rest too!

This is why I want to host retreats in my spare time because I have experienced first-hand the benefits of good mental health…to help us be the best managers we can be. It’s important to get the balance right, so I have combined yoga, meditation and self-enquiry into a retreat style holiday and the results have been magic! You have an opportunity to invest in nurturing your body and mind, with plenty of time to relax and play.


I’m organising our next 1 week summer retreat now, if you want to know more, please get in touch: maria@mariacasale.co.uk

Enjoy the experience of connecting with a deeper sense of being on this retreat. Basking in warm weather, beautiful villa location near the sea, delicious food freshly prepared every day. This is an invitation to relax, recharge, connect and meet new people whilst nourishing your inner self.

Daily routine: we start with gentle yoga practice every morning, followed by guided meditation, then after breakfast we embark on a self enquiry group session, looking deeper into our true nature, within a nurturing and secure environment that allows self enquiry to evolve organically.

HOW does this come about? Through Honesty, Openness and Willingness.

By being HONEST with yourself and others, you can meet yourself in truth.

By being OPEN to new possibilities and a different way of looking at life so it can be more fully embraced.

Being WILLING to engage and participate in all that is arising in the moment, you can observe and experience an alternative perspective to the meaning of life.

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