Everyone Should Make Time for Daydreaming.

Apparently, your best thinking occurs when your mind wanders. Cognitive scientists say you have an incorrigibly distracted mind. The wandering mind is our brain’s default mode. Left to their own devices, our brains go to the beach when they’re not working.

I’ve recently come across many articles about the benefits of focused daydreaming, specifically if you have a problem you can’t solve or if you are looking for creative inspiration. (see links below). Allowing our minds to wander into a daydreaming state lets signals flow freely in the brain and lets us make random associations that we wouldn’t normally make when actively thinking or searching for answers to problems. So, can it really help get those creative juices flowing or magically find a solution to your problem? Well, in my experience as a creative thinker, I believe there is a lot to be said for focused daydreaming, so why not give it a go?


Try this out if you want help finding creative solutions or inspiration, I can thoroughly recommend it. Most companies won’t encourage you to day dream at work of course, even though attitudes in the work place are changing, especially within the creative industry, so you’re going to have to find your daydreaming space!

First, acknowledge what this problem is, then quite simply, don’t think about it anymore. Don’t allow the problem to consume your thoughts. Trust and know that you will find a solution and don’t worry about how. Instead take a dose of daydreaming 3-5 times a week.

Practice this exercise

Find somewhere quiet and turn off all electronic devices. You can listen to some chill-out music or just allow your mind to float and wonder. Try not to think about anything in particular. You can also daydream when travelling; on the bus, train, plane etc. walking in the park, while having a bath or shower, lying awake in the morning or at night before bed. Try it and see what happens!

See after a 5-7 days if a solution pops into your head that will be worth considering. Watch out because it can come at any time, normally at the most inconvenient times, ie when you are shopping or driving, and it’s not always obvious at first. So, if a random thought comes out to the blue, take extra notice, write it down (even note it on your phone) then go back to it when you have time to think about it property.

Here are some reference links that can help you with your daydreaming efforts:









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