To be a great leader requires that you have a wide range of qualities. Qualities within yourself and qualities in the way you deal with others. Here is my definite list of 20 characteristics of great leaders. Whether you are a business leader, a political leadera family leader, a community leader, it doesn’t matter. They apply to all leaders.

  1. You operate with a high level of conscious awareness and very much focused in the present
  2. You have clarity and vision of business objectives
  3. You have the ability to make change happen
  4. You are honest and take ownership
  5. You are proactive and know how to get things done
  6. You understand and value delegation
  7. You have the right people around you
  8. You are a good listener
  9. You have excellent communications skills
  10. Know how to create a productive working environment

What does this have to do with presentation skills you wonder? When you possess these characteristics, you are very well grounded. You will have an excellent presence. And we all now how important this is when you give a presentation. In fact, maybe these leadership characteristics apply as well to people who have great presentation skills.

Look out for next week’s blog post on the next 10 leadership characteristics.

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