We all like to feel good after a presentation.

When we go to the cinema, see a show, are out with friends, at a wedding, whatever the occasion…but when we are at work most people don’t expect to feel wonderful, happy, enlightened (because of work). If you can uplift your audience’s mood during your presentation (and it is contagious by the way), make them feel good, then you have achieved what you set out to do.

Give a successful, interesting, insightful, engaging, entertaining, touching, powerful, presentation….whatever your objective. Know what it is from the outset and as long as the impression you leave behind is the same as your intention, that’s all you need.

Another important point to remember about having a fantastic presentation that it is well prepared and rehearsed… It will give you a great deal of confidence, especially when you hear all the positive feedback. See my earlier blog posts in which I talk about this.

The more you adapt this method and mindset, the easier it will get. Then soon enough it will become a part of you.

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