To be a great leader I believe you need to be a truly great person. I touched on this in my previous blogpost, and I refer to it as ‘Oneness’.  It’s not something you can switch on/off. The embodiment of greatness comes from within. Your belief system depends upon it and will drive you always forward.

Great leaders have an overflowing bucket of qualities and if you’re aspiring towards greatness but not sure if you have what it takes, then you will need to take a deep and honest look at yourself…and you may need to rethink your life…quite literally!!

Be honest with yourself and dig deep into your belief system. Everything is possible and if you want greatness then the place to start is with being open. Be open to everything, listen, watch, read, learn from others that you admire, find a mentor…do whatever it takes to elevate yourself.

Pay attention and focus on what resonates with you.  Acknowledge where changes need to be made (this is a holistic view of your life, so I mean changes in all aspects) and then dedicate time and energy into an action plan.  Be realistic and break everything down into manageable goals. Start with small changes that can be implemented quickly.

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