I am delighted to work with the best professionals.

Andrew Armour

Marketing Management Consultant

Andrew provides marketing & project management services and he builds and facilitate, tailored marketing workshops, business meetings & professional seminars. His clients include; John Lewis, Hampshire County Council, Metropolis Studios, Tata Communications, Henley Business School, Krems Business School (Donau-Universitat Krems), BIMM (Tech Music School, London), The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM, Guildford), IP Integration, The AA, Powwownow and 4CM Communications.

Neela Bettridge

Leadership Coach

Neela inspires her clients to embrace what she calls Conscious Leadership.Conscious Leadership combines sensitivity with resilience. It involves the ability to listen carefully to stakeholders’ views, yet be decisive. It means being able to communicate well in any circumstances, and to have a clear personal vision, involved presence, and a strong, well examined value system.

Neela has broad experience of empowering individuals to undertake precisely this kind of challenging transition in the real world, successfully. Neela also has considerable international experience. She advises on multi-cultural professional relations, and other complex multinational team issues.

Marc Campman

Social Media Playmaker

My experience spans over 25 years of marketing in the technology, telecoms and gaming business in a wide variety of companies, from large global organisations to local startups. Over the years I have built up extensive expertise in every area of marketing. With my experience in online marketing and social media, I consider myself a thoughtleader in Social Marketing.

Social Marketing is all about creating your own plays. Plays to make connections, participate in conversations and generate ideas. Social Marketing is word of mouth on steroids. If you haven’t got your plays ready, you will be left behind.

Specialties: I talk about today’s best social marketing plays and share my experience with businesses, helping them to start conversations, create communities, advance ideas and seed discussions.

Chris Harrison

Graphic Designer

AlwaysOn allows me to work and consult independently with brands and agencies working on creative impact and brand positioning, I have developed a global brand book for Virgin Active, rebranded Virgin Active Classic Clubs, developed a brand strategy and online launch for a series of financial sites for Moneysupermarket.com.